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Name:Christina Carapiet  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:38  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:United Kingdom  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:2/5/2003 (GMT)   




 ethno: hi
how r u ?
hope 2 hear from u
 greg:  HI HOW ARE YOU? good cemments your picture talk about itself
 GorillaZ1980: parev inchbes yes?
 nerso4: parev laves
 edward21: hi how are you
 ARMANI69: so??
 armenians1: helloooooo
how r u doinn ha!!!!!
so hows life goinn on with u?
do u live in england??? cause in your message u aid u wanna study french!!
anyways write back and tel me more what else u do
for me i study banking and finance and help ma dad in his business
i love partying and drinking right!
keep in touch
 HaroutFromHokis: so i take it u wear the hand band coz yor a tennis player?
 armenians1: hello there, what do u do in life ha!
 HaroutFromHokis: hey have we met ?
 owen: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,i want 2 know something
about u so i sent a massege...waiting your answer.
 real_life: look sooo cute,i would like to know more about you.
 zs_soft: hi baby....i want to know every thing about you
 bedig: hi sweety
 Gianni: hello sweet nice pic
 Arman2: Barev,Hello,Hallo,Bonjour,Olla,Slom  o,Selam,Ciao

How are you ?

Well I am Arman 23 years old live in Holland ( Amsterdam) I was born in Turkey and live now for about 21 years in holland i looking forward to your reaction. Ciao Habibi
 VIVO: barev hrashagex hrashates gexeckuhi @>~~`,`---
 Carlo: hi Christina.. you have a very lovely face! Where do you come from? what do you do in life?? hope to hear from you soon.. cheers.. carlo
 patriot: Hi Christinaa,i am from Mars(the solar system)the most comfortable place for armenians.
How you are very beautiful,gorgeous,and superlative.i think all you need is a crown
i wanna get in touch with you.please don´t forget to call me...

 tomas: he how is life .you have a nice body .how is uk.nice to know u .have a good day

 hani: hiii
ofcourse i want to know every thing about u,,
where r u in i live there is no armenians people just i..
i am in stok-on-trent.what about u

 armenians1: hey.... how r u !
can u keep in touch pls
 Havadk_Hooys_Ser: hi Christina. you are cute. i won't to get know you better. drop me a post we will talk. bye
 newman: hi i saw ur pict ,i liked u and i took ur aol and icq ,write me back bye.
 inchou: Hi Chris, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
shant, see you soon.
 sako4: parev christina,laves?
skhal mi hasgnar payts yev sorry shad, shad sexi yes,yete guzes tsanotanal intsi kre hajis gsbasem.mersi bye bye
yes haleben sako,hacoghutyun
 kayl: hi there>? do u live in London ?
 armenians1: hello there cuteeee... do u live in england?

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