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Name:Alen Krack  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:5/1/2003 (GMT)   

Eeeeyyyy mi names Alen, im bolsahye, 5" 6, 15 years old, i have green/bloo/yellow eyes, curly dirty blonde hair (red highlights commin') 135 pounds, im slim and fit, nice build, 6 pack, i like euro and dance music, I live in Toronto... and thats about all... if you got anythin else to ask, jus add me on MSN or ICQ.... **shooter=glowstick=dance=crazy=phsyko=spikes=krack=skinny with abs(and much more)=me** Drop me a line or add me to ur MSN list ICQ#70294086 to see more pics of me, go to take it EeeeeeZzzzzzz p.s. Lifes a party, Drink it up



 lil_armobabe: Hey Alen!!Sup? Itz Taline
How u doin?
Hope u having fun in Turkey...ur so lucky to b there!
Neways jus wanted to msg ya to say hi
Im out,holla back cuty
 bomshak: hey alen,
ashley???watever...well i like your pics...hope ur haveing fun in turkey
Sonia Bomshak
its great that u hate smokin

 khryst: hey
it'#### Christina from agoump!
i just wanna say i am really happt for u and ashley!! lol... well u g2g but talk to yea on msn?!
n e wayz bye !
 serena: Hey Alen thanx for ur message how u doin ? how do u like Canda i have never been there but i would love to come and visit anyways talk to u laters bye bye
 Cutie_Girl:  hey hottie what sgoign on whats new? u lookin good

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