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Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:8/6/2003 (GMT)   


Me and my uncle...cuuute


My cousin, me and my sis!!


 JoKe85: "Chillz Entertainment" invites u and ur friends 2 PUBLIX(3554 st.laurent) April 10th 2 launch there first sat night of many to come....75$ a bottle
vip passes b4 12....
 SwEeTmAn: yalla i'm going to atlantic city tommorow at 4 am so ciao you around when i come back on the 23rd !!!!!
 _DiRtY_MaC: heys yeah im here now so keep in touch seeu
 FOOD4GOD: yes jir-n em
 SwEeTmAn: tamar ngarnerout mech hasagt yergar gerevi gor jk jk really pretty
 _DiRtY_MaC: heys heys heys ...hello my friend we meet again ...well hope u know who i am yeah read my email address hope ur doing good hmmmmm well we havent been running to each other on msn coz i havent been chatting lately nice pics ur beautiful see u tamo aka thumbelina
 Le_Seducteur: abo
sireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee m
mmmooouuuaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Yes hosses, toun ouress aghtchig ????
i miss you
mamayit yev babayit batchigner im gohmes
 Natalie1918: Happy B-day tamar Hope u had a realy great day
 toto_jojo: hello tamarig ...i wanna wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..i hope all ur dreams come true
love lots ...
joelle & sandy

 SuPeRFiRe: ~!~!~!~HAPPYB-DAY~!~!~!~
 SHIANTI: hey tam
happy bday
 KINCAID: hey tamo how are you?long time no see.... how are your exams? yalla later
 Armo_Princess_T: Tamooooo
our menatsir?????loureret r u??hows it going??badme.garotsa...

 KINCAID: hi tamig how are you???? yalla talk to you sooon ciaooooo
 toto_jojo: hey you ... ...thanks bout the comments ...( ur cutter )
hehehe....menk al ays chapat ser tebroste bidi kayink vor tadrone tidenk ...but yegher mage ir daretarse ge done gor .. chenk gernar denevil ... oh ya yev maybe bari bidi kam... or me lol
aratch bidi kam ev tidem ...yete kam ne hedet gellam ?
neways i dont have anything else to say ... so ill see you ..
bye bye tam tam

 inchou: Important: salut ma petite chérie, écoute vas sur ce site, et vote pour le film Ararat 10/10,  ,912822,00.html
Fait part à tes amis aussi. @+
 toto_jojo: tamarigggggggg......... long time no see ... our bahdever es ,hein ,lol..
so laves ? innch ga chiga ?
neways ttyl
bye bye

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