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u like my wet hair?



 ___KoRn: yeah sweety let the ROCK ON

 souvorov: barevner

 Estineh: That is a wicked tune! I think I'll come back to your page again .. if not to leave a message .. then to listen to the song Good choice!
 seb_2001:  heyyy look .... I will like to marry you cose you're very sexy...if you won't marry me...then I don't know maybe I can marry with your sexy piano...

Ps. I really like it...(sexy piano)

 nerso79:  parev anooshig aghchig goozem esel vor shad anooshig oriort mnes ge hoosam vor zanotanank ok
 ArmenianRomeo1: hi babez r u bak in london ??????
love zeppoorr XxX
 kachvartan: heeeeey did you had fun in camp ???ok gtg bbyeeeeeeeeeeeee...

 MORRISON^: salut toi!nicknamet achkis zargav,nice pics ur pretty,and then,hehe u used a funny word in ur comments..SEXY PIANO! lol i like it.see ya!
 DOOdness: Wass goin on Nairiiiiii, i cant belive you guys are still there! What are you guys doin without us crazy ass West Coast guys? I know i know, its no fun without us, j/k. honestly though i hope you guys are havin fun and partyin and juss chillin cause i wish i spent several extra days there just to be lazy and do nothing. Well let me know what you guys are up to and how everythings goin. And tell all your fellow Londo-nians i said wassup! Bye!

 zAbel: halo: inchbeses?:laves?:yala byebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyeby  ebyebyebyebyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:ang  ry: okokokok
 PartizanX: hello how r u?cooly
how is ur life?
do u have b.f?
and ur sooo beautiful

byzzzzzzz take care
 Saroom: prw şad ğosil çem sirer vorvhedew hayrenıs law çe!anunus saro e! you can see my photo okiş! ggoodd byesss!
 h_n80: hima negar ghergetsy kezi kou negared cha im kedsas negarneres mekadna housam havnis
 h_n80: i add u tomy masn housam tounal indsi add enas ou mod oren chat enam heded, now i will send to u email kedsvads negar yes kedsasem mod oren negared ge ghergam

 h_n80: I find myself checking my e-mail all the time,
Wondering if you have dropped me a line,
And many times, I am surprised to see,
That you too, had been thinking of me.
It is awesome to me how we met,
It is something I will never forget,
You seem so bright and interesting too,
I am so glad that I have found you.

Somehow, I feel like we have known each other before,
And that we had walked together by the sea shore,
I don't know why I think this way,
But, it is a thought that I just had to say.

I'll be here checking my mail,
Your checking too, I will not fail,
To send you a note, and poetry too,
To let you know, I am thinking of you.

 h_n80: hi laves oryort? yes shad ge papakim dsanotanal kezi bes khent aghchega khent eselov aysinken coool iam 22 m leb iam drawer khent drawer mail me iam waiting ur email
 h_n80: hi laves oryort? yes shad ge papakim dsanotanal kezi bes khent aghchega khent eselov aysinken coool iam 22 m leb iam drawer khent drawer mail me iam waiting ur email
 acmilan:  janes ghelke klugh paner mdig
ere.letsun haygagan yeghanagner gan.
ayt hivantnerun mi halatzer

 ethno: hi how r u?
i'm dawson
so i wanted 2 say hi
take care
c ya
soon bye
 esco1: heya why aint ya hollain back at me ?
holla back !!! aight !!!!
 masternet1: hi inchbes aysinken abahov hajis patsdre
 haiheno: hi and how are u. i think u are more sexy than your piano
 esco1: hey yo
ya matel player???hardrock??????????

 esco1: hey how many webpages ya got????????????????????????????????  ???? ~smoke weed everyday~
 alexandro_15: heyy cutyyy!how are u? i just wanted to say hiiiii! just keep in touch!!!! take care byzzz
 BoW_WoW19: Hey There... welll I Have 5 Words For You ( Dam You Look Gr8 Girl) And I like The Cyprus pic You Look Gr8.. So Plz Keep In Thouch With me Okay... See ya Cyper Girl
 PuReAnSwEr4LiFe: hey baby looking good and where exactly are you from i live in philly but i am 100% armo just wandering what you were all about and stuff but you look mad stylish in that dress on new years 2001
 m6hd66m: yow .. HAIL ! wassap
well , nothin , liked your style, and ive been 2 cyprus once, it's just cool, and nice pic you got there
neway .. thats it, if u have time hehe .. u can hit me back
c yaazz
 bigbadarmo: barev kank vonces

 XGuY: yo waz up? england the best in rock music.... aiight do u listen heavy metal?
 Purple_Rain: Hey are you ready for tommorow match ....hope u are...Chao
 SexyKamasutra: hi baby r u from cyprus cool pics take care and 1 more thing r u lesbien anyway i like them take care ciao ciao
 gbmeu: parev nairi

inch bess es

inch yerar toon

inch ga tchi

al loor tchoonim kezme...

 PHUNKIE: wish u lived near meeeeee
 PHUNKIE: im speachlesss
 MyZtiKal_OnE: Hmmm interesting interesting.....sum bands u mentioned are a bit unfamiliar but yeah System overrides em all hahah....yeah im more into old school....deep purple, zepplin, maiden, ac\dc, accept and of course...METALLICA heheh i too can go on with the names anyways yeah im cool heheh hows life in da UK? Are there many Armenians living there? Are u sick of me asking questions yet? lolll
anyways im off...thanks for da reply...check ya laterzzzz
 iron_maiden: hay you like rock hahahahah me too so in your few pic you look good but ine fews no you don't your ok so tell me about you lil cos thete is few girls that they yknow that is rock and to say iam rock boy or girl and there is few boys that they understand rock so bye bye let me see how much rock girl you are ?>
 ArmenianRomeo1: NAIRI UR NEVA ON MSN BABAM HAR!!! and i
still havent spoken 2 bee so ill let u know ok!! bye matey xXx
 MyZtiKal_OnE: My God...ive actually found an armo chick thats into metal r ya from down under (australia) heheh
i love the metal stuff too and rock....wats ur fav bands?
Holla back if ya want
 Magyck:  helloooooo! thanks for getting back to me-cool to hear from ya!
yeh i was gonna say aswell-i play a bit of guitar, and am getting mad on the drums at the mo, and yeh im *in the business* lol, im hoping to get into producing properly at some point...
well. im 20, im from north london, ur near oxford?-i know oxford pretty well-got alot of mates in abingdon and cowley. i got some mates in bucks aswell, in milton keyenes and that.
hmmm dunno wot else to say really. but keep in touch girl! take it easy
 ArmenianRomeo1: Hi Nairi jus wana say HI! coz ur hardly ever on msn anymore. I and know HOW! u must be coz we cant squeeze da juice dis week but!!!! nevermind ders always da followin weeks 2 come so dont be soooo me, u and Bee will soon be fillin like dat again so dont worry be ok. Tale care and ill chat 2 u soon ok and Nairi dont 4get 2 ROCK ON!!!!Bye Nairi
 some_broad: oh ok, i remember now... thanks
 some_broad: hey, i know this song, who is it?
 rottingchrist: hola!!! how r u sweety can u just tell me more about u coz im a metal fan too maybe we have something in commom
 oussamos: hello hpow is evrrything over there
 daroni_aruydz: ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  !!!!!whats up <<<<<<<its not incradibel you are rock girl@@@2@@2@2@@2@@2@@@@2@@@22
 aerosmith: you want to be a friend....?
 rottingchrist: hello how r u doing ? im a 21 year old pure armenian guy living in beirut . won't u tell me more about urself? ba bye for now
 manyak: hiiiiiiii how r u ?? i hope ur fine
10x for mailing me .
u didn't say what do u think about me
anyways post me back byezzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

 ArmenianRomeo1: Hi babez how r u? hope ur well and all ur exams r goin well 2. Chat 2 u soon lots of love Zareh xXx
 edward21: hi my english is not very good if you want I can write hairen? I like musik too. write me soon
 manyak: hiiiiiiiiiiiii anouchig aghchig
nice pix . chek my pics too if u want
 edward21: hi how are you, how is in UK
 Magyck: heya, thought id say hi since u left me a message... where in uk u from? u got good taste in music, love loads of stuff from the doors to black sabbath, to soad and ratm, earthtone9, static-x, "A", kill2this, incubus, greenday, ok, im gonna shut up now, i could go on for long time!!!!!

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